Electronic Acne Remover Laser Acne Treatment Tool Beauty Acne Removal Pen Health Care Phototherapy Thermal Skin Care Machine

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Electronic Blue Laser Acne Treatment Tool Beauty Acne Removal Pen For Health Care Phototherapy And Thermal Skin Care Machine

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Electronic Blue Laser Acne Treatment Tool Beauty Acne Removal Pen For Health Care Phototherapy And Thermal Skin Care Machine

Introduction and effect:

With many years experience in beauty industries, we have developed this unique patent blue light acne treatment, it is a miracle home use acne-fighting device with combines effect of diminishing inflammation, sterilization and accelerating elimination of acne. Easy carry and convenient use with lipstick size and enables to use at home or during traveling.


Blue light acne treatment is specially designed to deliver the acne free skin you really want. The 415nm blue light deliver benefits to diminish bacterium on skin and in pore, plus with 42 stable warm treatment and BIO current to help to reduce oil of acne, so as to accelerate elimination of acne. It is suitable for acne skin.


Three Acne fighting magic:

1.415 nm blue light for removing acne

Clinical proven by American medicine, it will experience the maximum reduction in acne lesion and symptom of inflammation after treatment with the special design 415nm blue light for eight times ( two times every weeks) or more, as well as reduce excretion of oil and shrink pores. Skin becomes more and more healthy with high purity blue light skins on the skin just like photosynthesis on plants. Blue light can firm flabby skin, shrink skin pores, effectively kill corynebacterium acnes and markedly improve red spot, oily skin and severely sensitive skin.


2.42 warm treatment for lymph detoxification

It solves the acne problems basically, keep skin clean while preventing new ones from forming as well.


3.BIO current diminish inflammation and reduce pain

BIO current can activate skin cell and stimulate regeneration and repair of collagen, help to regain skin elasticity and its normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and make the skin be fleshy, full and lustrous, diminish inflammation and reduce pain. You will not have any feelings during operation, it is very comfortable and miraculous.


Technical specifications:

Input voltage:1.5V

Output voltage:+/-5V

Temperature:45 °C

Product size:134 × 19 × 19mm

Product weight:24.8g

Gift box size:170 ×65 ×38mm

Packing: 60pcs/ carton



1.Install AA battery before use.

2.Apply preferred face serum and mask after face cleaning.

3.Push up the switch to start the device. Blue light head will give out pure blue light with slight hot with a sound which indicates the treatment starts, after 1 minutes, it will be in 42.

4.Hold the conductive bar, blue light and BIO head will output +/-5V BIO current and blue light together, move the blue light head on the skin which requests treatment, follow below operation method with irradiation of blue light: from inside to outside and from bottom to top along the direction of the muscle and lymph slowly.

5.It will remind with a sound in every 5 seconds during treatment, 2.5 minutes as a course. After 5 seconds, a new course starts again. Adjust the treatment time according to your skin type, for normal skin, 10 minutes preferred.


Special notes:

1.Gain better effect if use with serum.

2.Hold the conductive bar which will form the current flow with body.

3.Please do not place the device in places with water or high moisture, otherwise, it may cause fire and short circuit.

4.Do not use this device on babies or children.

5.Pregnant woman or people with heart diseases are forbidden to use.

6.If it does not use this device for a long time, please take out the battery.


hen to use, very comfortable and safe.  












Additional Information

Brand Name

Seraphim Acne Therapy

Model Number

Skin care tools




White Acne Removal Pen

Item type

Skin Care Machine

Power mode

1*AA battery


Remove acne, repair acne scar